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CD is sold in digipak with a 12-page booklet. GARGOYL?s debut successfully ranges from unnerving and emotional segments to progressive, Goth-tinged hard rock. Davidson (Revocation) and Roberts (Ayahuasca) have crafted GARGOYL in such a manner that it refuses to be boxed-in. This 11-song self-titled debut is a blend of sounds that ultimately coalesce into a body of work both engaging and challenging. That, in itself, covers a broad spectrum but further inroads into GARGOYL?s sound, continually revealing new elements of intrigue and persuasion. It is the beauty and purpose of the project. Artwork and layout by Mark McCoy. Recommended if you like: STEFEN TARANTO, UMPFEL, FELIX MARTIN, CALIGULA?S HORSE


1~1~Truth Of A Tyrant (2:30)
1~2~Plastic Nothing (5:55)
1~3~Cursed Generation (4:20)
1~4~Electrical Sickness (6:10)
1~5~Wraith (5:01)
1~6~Ophidian (4:42)
1~7~Nightmare Conspiracy (5:17)
1~8~Waltz Dystopia (6:18)
1~9~Ambivalent I (3:58)
1~10~Acid Crown (5:09)
1~11~Asphyxia (5:07)


Format: CD
Artist: Gargoyl
Release Date: 09 October 2020
Genre: Alternative
Distributor: Rocket Group

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