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Full Time

"A film by Eric Gravel"

Mother of two Julie (Laure Calamy) is making ends meet, getting by as the head chambermaid of a five-star hotel in Paris, with only sporadic alimony payments from her ex-husband. Each meticulously-planned day starts before sunrise, preparing the kids for school and undertaking a long commute to work, where she unflappably completes her duties in time to return to them. But when a national railway strike breaks out - paralysing the entire le-de-France public transport system - Julies routine is thrown into chaos, increasingly pushing her into a frenetic race against time that threatens everything shes worked so hard for.


Format: DVD
Genre: Thriller
Rating: M
Release Date: 19 10 2022
Production Year: 2021
Run Time: 88
Languages: French
Rating Advice: Coarse Language
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Eric Gravel

Actors: Laure Calamy, Anne Suarez, Geneviève Mnich, Nolan Arizmendi, Sasha Lemaitre Cremaschi, Cyril Gueï, Lucie Gallo, Agathe Dronne, Mathilde Weil, Dana Fiaque, Mareme N'Diaye, Olivier Faliez, Irina Muluile, Aymeline Alix, Carima Amarouche, Evelyne El Garby Klaï, Céline Perra, Nazareth Agopian, Fabrice Abraham, Olivier Hardouin, Céline Le Coustumer, Guillaume Vincent, Michaël Assié, Laureen Morlin, Arnaud Maillard, Sandrine Deschamps, Manuel Husson, Corentin Schmidt, Robin Betchen, Florent Corlay, Apolline Denis, Malena Perrot, Lucas Henaff, Grégory Frontier, Cyril Masson, Matthieu Méan, Arnaud Préchac, Stanislas Clément, Karine Valmer, Estelle Florin, Bastien Pujol, Philippe de Monts, Marie Courtel, Laurent Pons, Cedric Welsch, David Bensemoun, Romain Deloutre, Diane Falco, Anne-Sophie Marguerite, Christine Kay, Bô Gaultier de Kermoal, Romain Ogerau, Dominique Plaideau, Marina Sau, Joshua Mansuela

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