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More than 25 years in the making, Swedish folk rock pioneers GARMARNA continue to invent what music rooted in the Scandinavian tradition is about. New album 'F rbundet' is a hard-hitting record that pushes the boundaries of traditional folk and defines the soul of GARMARNA. One of the underlying themes of the record is facing the beauty of living and the beauty in saying goodbye. Some of the core songs on the album, like 'Dagen Flyr', 'Ur V rlden Att G ' and 'Avskedet', spread their message of sorrow and letting go across all of the other songs. Having always pushed to reinvent themselves with every record, GARMARNA does not shy away from modern, electronic influences on 'F rbundet'. Simultaneously, the musicians also took a closer look at what they believe is the core of their music, calling it the most satisfying albums they have made so far. 'F rbundet' is all about that soul, from start to finish. Pictures by Garm and artwork by Axel Torvenius. Recommended if you like: HEILUNG, FAUN, VALRAVN, OMNIA


1~1~Ramunder (04:58)
1~2~Tv Systrar (05:53)
1~3~Dagen Flyr (03:51)
1~4~Sven I Roseng Rd (05:24)
1~5~Ur V Rlden Att G (04:52)
1~6~V Gsk L (04:56)
1~7~Lussi Lilla (04:35)
1~8~Avskedet (05:27)
1~9~Din Grav (01:56)


Format: CD
Artist: Garmarna
Release Date: 06 November 2020
Genre: Folk
Distributor: Rocket Group

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