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Fatal Grotesque Symbols-Darken Universe | Colored Vinyl

26 years after the last studio album Messiah are about to unleash the successor to their 'Underground' record from 1994. The album is called 'Fracmont' and will be issued by High Roller Records in a short while. To shorten the waiting time, there will be an EP containing three songs not to be found on the following album. For starters, said EP contains re-recorded versions of 'Space Invaders' from the band's 1986 debut album 'Hymn To Abramelin' as well as the title track of the second album 'Extreme Cold Weather' (from 1987).


1~1~Fatal Grotesque Symbols - Darken Universe
1~2~Space Invaders
1~3~Extreme Cold Weather


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Messiah
Release Date: 04 September 2020
Genre: Metal
Distributor: Rocket Group

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