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Extreme Cold Weather | White Vinyl

The guys in Messiah were a bunch of genuinely insane maniacs, Thrash/death maniacs of course. Formed in 1984, the band helped to shape the sound of early thrash and death metal. 'Extreme Cold Weather' was Messiah's second album, released in 1987. It has developed into a cult classic album by a band that was always both obscure and outstanding compared to their contemporaries. Messiah played a very unique and very extreme blend of early thrash/death: brutal and raw, unpolished, and never out to copy anyone. The songs are as much in-your-face as they are well thought out, again combining cutting thrash attacks, atmospheric melody parts and Messiah's typical interludes and sound effects. 'Extreme Cold Weather' is definitely one of the most unique outputs one can find from that time. With their second album, Messiah created a somewhat strange and very sought-after cult-piece of mid-80's thrash/death metal.


1~1~Extreme Cold Weather
1~2~Enjoy Yourself
1~3~Johannes Paul Der Letzte (Dedicated In Hate To Pope John Paul Ii)
1~4~Mother Theresa (Dedicated In Love To Mother Theresa)
1~5~Hyper Borea
1~6~Radezky March (We Hate To Be In The Army Now)
1~8~Hymn To Abramelin
1~9~Messiah (New Version)
1~10~Space Invaders
1~11~Thrashing Madness
1~12~Golden Dawn
1~13~The Last Inferno
1~14~Resurrection15.Ol Perversus


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Messiah
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Genre: Metal
Distributor: Rocket Group

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