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Endless Waves Volume One

The 5Rhythms movement practice founder Gabrielle Roths dance meditation soundtrack from 1996. Previously only available on CD, first release on audiophile 45rpm double heavy-weight vinyl. A classically trained dancer, Gabriel Roth was involved with the early 60s counterculture movement as a dance instructor for therapeutic workshops at the legendary Esalen Institute in San Francisco and Arica School in New York. These facilities and groups played key roles in the Human Potential Movement in psychology which later led to Transpersonal Psychology and the New Age Movement.


1~1~ Body Parts
1~2~ Flowing
1~3~ Staccato
1~4~ Chaos
1~5~ Lyrical
1~6~ Stillness
1~7~ Body Parts (No Voice-Over)
1~8~ Flowing (No Voice-Over)
1~9~ Staccato (No Voice-Over)
1~10~ Chaos (No Voice-Over)
1~11~ Lyrical (No Voice-Over)
1~12~ Stillness (No Voice-Over)


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Gabrielle Roth
Release Date: 25 September 2020
Genre: Dance & Electronic
Label: K7/Time Capsule
Distributor: MGM Music

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