Glen Innes, NSW, Dont Forget About Me ~ The Atlantic & Reprise Recordings: 3Cd Digipak, Music, CD, MGM Music, Sep20, Cherry Red/Soulmusic Records, Barbara Lewis, Soul

Dont Forget About Me ~ The Atlantic & Reprise Recordings: 3Cd Digipak


1~1~My Heart Went Do Dat Da
1~2~Longest Night Of The Year
1~3~My Mama Told Me
1~4~Gonna Love You Till The End Of Time
1~5~Hello Stranger
1~6~Think A Little Sugar
1~7~Straighten Up Your Heart
1~8~If You Love Her
1~9~Puppy Love
1~10~Snap Your Fingers
1~11~Someday We're Gonna Love Again
1~12~Spend A Little Time
1~13~Pushin' A Good Thing Too Far
1~14~Come Home
1~15~Baby, I'm Yours
1~16~I Say Love
1~17~Make Me Your Baby
1~18~Love To Be Loved
1~19~Don't Forget About Me
1~20~It's Magic
1~21~Make Me Belong To You
1~22~Girls Need Lovin' Care
1~23~Baby What Do You Want Me To Do
1~24~I Remember The Feeling
1~25~I'll Make Him Love Me
1~26~Love Makes The World Go Round
1~27~Fool, Fool, Fool (Look In The Mirror)
1~28~Only All The Time
1~29~Sho-Nuff (It's Got To Be Your Love)
1~30~Thankful For What I've Got
1~31~I'll Keep Believin'
1~32~On Bended Knees
1~33~You're A Dream Maker
1~34~I'm All You've Got


Format: CD
Artist: Barbara Lewis
Release Date: 25 September 2020
Genre: Soul
Label: Cherry Red/Soulmusic Records
Distributor: MGM Music

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