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Distance Is The Soul Of Beauty

New album by Anglo-Irish musician and his first in over a decade. These intimate, reflective songs were recorded at home during late night hours under the COVID-19 enforced Lockdown and sung in hushed tones while Sheehys wife and child were asleep. Lyrically inspired by Sheehys battle to maintain sobriety in a world gone mad, these songs are personal yet leave plenty of space for the listener to project their own feelings and interpretations on to. Arguably, this is his most accomplished and rewarding work to date.


1~1~I Have To Live This Way
1~2~Blue Latitudes And Starless Skies
1~3~Judas Hour
1~4~Blackout Of Arrows
1~5~Everything That Rises Must Converge


Format: CD
Artist: Michael J. Sheehy
Release Date: 23 October 2020
Genre: Unclassified
Label: Modulor/Kuroneko
Distributor: MGM Music

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