Glen Innes NSW,Directed by... Sidney J. Furie,Movie,Drama,Blu Ray

Directed by... Sidney J. Furie Imprint Collection #231-235


The Lawyer (1970) - Tony Petrocelli, a bright young lawyer practicing in the rich cattle town of Baker, becomes embroiled in a high-profile murder case where a prosperous physician is charged with killing his socialite wife.Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970) - A story of two motorcycle racers, the inept, unsuspecting Little Fauss and the opportunistic, womanising Halsey Knox.Hit! (1973) - U.S. agent Nick Allen (Billy Dee Williams) has his own idea about how to fight a war on drugs: go to the source...and cut the big-time traffickers down. Embittered over the drug-related death of his teenage daughter, Nick sets out to do just that.Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York (1975) - A sheltered young woman tries to make it in New York City and finds herself falling for a man who's not interested in a relationship.The Boys in Company C (1978) - The Boys in Company C follows the lives of five nave young Marine inductees from their training in boot camp through a tour in Vietnam that quickly devolves into a hellish nightmare. Disheartened by futile combat and constantly endangered by the incompetence of their own company commander, the young men find a possible way out of the war


Format: Blu Ray
Rating: M
Release Date: 26 07 2023
Production Year: 1970
Run Time: 0
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Moderate Coarse Language| Moderate Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Sidney J Furie


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