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"Killer. Style."

Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist) is a recent divorcee in the midst of a mid-life identity crisis. In search of a new life and look, he ditches his past in a roadside petrol station and encounters a vintage, fringed deerskin jacket with influential supernatural powers. He relocates to a quiet French alpine village where he is mistaken for an independent filmmaker by an adventurous, enterprising bartender in a sleepy saloon (Adle Haenel, Portrait of a Lady On Fire) who happens to be an aspiring editor with natural production instincts. The two forge a tenuous allegiance and team up to collaborate on a film inspired by the visionary deerskin jacket.


Format: DVD
Genre: Horror
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 04 11 2020
Production Year: 2019
Run Time: 77
Languages: English, French
Rating Advice: Strong Comedic Violence
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: Quentin Dupieux

Actors: Jean Dujardin, Adèle Haenel, Albert Delpy, Coralie Russier, Laurent Nicolas, Marie Bunel, Pierre Gommé, Caroline Piette, Stéphane Jobert, Géraldine Schitter, Panayotis Pascot, Youssef Hajdi, Simon Thomas, Tom Hudson, Maryne Cayon

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