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Cowboy Bebop 25th Anniversary Edition : Limited Edition Complete Series

"See you, Space Cowboys!"

The modern anime classic that defines cool. Be immersed once again with Spike, Jet and the rest of the crew of the Bebop; the unusually intelligent dog, Ein, computer wunderkind, Ed and the voluptuous, vexing femme fatale, Faye Valentine. They travel around the galaxy in search of wanted criminals one bounty at a time!


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Anime, Fantasy
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 07 06 2023
Production Year: 1998
Run Time: 650
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Drug Use| Strong Animated Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Shin'ichirô Watanabe, Yoshiyuki Takei, Ikurô Satô, Kunihiro Mori, Hirokazu Yamada, Tetsuya Watanabe

Actors: Kichi Yamadera, Unsh Ishizuka, Steve Blum, Beau Billingslea, Kevin Seymour, Wendee Lee, Megumi Hayashibara, Isshin Chiba, Melissa Fahn, Aoi Tada, Hiroshi Naka, Tsutomu Tareki, Miki Nagasawa, Toshihiko Nakajima, Jin Hirao, Skip Stellrecht, Kazuhiro Nakata

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