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Adam Ba?dych, Rogier Telderman and Vincent Courtois combine and juxtapose very different sounds and heritages. And that is a central concept behind this trio. Europe is different, every country is different, says Ba?dych, but music is a language which can bring us together, to one place. Violinist, cellist and pianist have combined here to find a range of expression that is both measured and exuberant. In Clouds they have created magic, and the ultimate quality of all great music: the ability to call the listener back to enjoy its enfolding glories again and again.


1~1~07 Interlude
1~2~08 Jardin
1~3~09 In Love In Hanoï
1~4~10 Troubadour
1~5~11 Au Desert


Format: CD
Artist: Ba?Dych Courtois Telderman
Release Date: 25 September 2020
Genre: Jazz
Label: ACT Music
Distributor: MGM Music

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