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Classic Album Collection Vol. 1

Bringing together three of Troy Cassar-Daley’s most popular albums, the Classic Album Collection Volume 1 features Beyond The Dancing (1995), True Believer (1997) and Big River (1999). Troy has won 37 Golden Guitar awards, four ARIA Awards, three APRA Awards, nine Deadlys, four CMAA Awards, two NIMA Awards and clocked 32 #1 singles during his incredible career.


1~1~My Home Town
1~2~Dream Out Loud
1~3~End Of The Road
1~4~Working In Blues
1~5~Beyond The Dancing
1~6~Plant Your Fields
1~7~Texas Swing
1~8~Bitter Tears
1~9~Six Stringer
1~10~Send Me Down Your Love
1~11~Greater Times
1~12~No Regrets
1~13~Beyond The Dancing
2~1~Good Woman's Love
2~2~She Wants
2~3~Little Things
2~4~I Can Get Used To That
2~5~True Believer
2~6~Ladies In My Life
2~7~Sweet Maryanne
2~8~You Will Believe In Me
2~9~The Wind Blows Over (The Lonely Of Heart)
2~10~Lay Down And Dance
2~11~Bar Room Roses
2~12~Good Time Friday Night
2~13~Back Blocks Of Home (Plus Bonus Track Ain't No Room For Love)
3~1~They Don't Make 'em Like That Anymore
3~2~Big River Country
3~3~I Wanna Go Back
3~4~All Over Town
3~5~The Other Side Of Lonely
3~7~It's Never Too Late
3~8~Time To Say Goodbye
3~9~Under Your Spell Again
3~10~I Want To Walk That Road With You
3~11~V8 Town
3~12~One Big Land
3~13~When A Small Town Dies
3~14~The Droving Days


Format: CD
Artist: Troy Cassar-Daley
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Genre: Country
Distributor: Sony Music

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