Glen Innes NSW, Cat's Eye, Movie, Horror/Sci-Fi, Blu Ray

Cat's Eye Classics Remastered UHD : Classics Remastered

"Follow the newest cat-and-creature game as played through"

A stray cat is the linking element of three tales of suspense and horror. Quitter's Inc - A company uses radical techniques to rid smokers of their addiction. The Ledge - A man forces his wife's lover to keep his balance on the ledge outside his flat - the 20th floor. The General - A little girl is persecuted by an evil goblin.


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Novel - Stephen King
Rating: M
Release Date: 13 07 2022
Production Year: 1985
Distributor: 95
Languages: English, French, German
Rating Advice: Mature Themes And Violence
Distributor: All Interactive Distribution
Directors: Lewis Teague

Actors: Drew Barrymore, James Woods, Alan King, Kenneth McMillan, Robert Hays, Candy Clark, James Naughton, Tony Munafo, Court Miller, Russell Horton, Patricia Benson, Mary D'Arcy, James Rebhorn, Jack Dillon, Susan Hawes

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