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Caroll Baker Paramount Collection


Carroll Baker became an established movie sex symbol throughout the 50s & 60s working in both independent film and big budget studio productions. Her high level performances and diversity in roles led her to work with the industrys best directors and was nominated for a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Baby Doll. This DVD collection brings 4 of her best performances. Includes: But Not for Me (1959) Starring Clark Gable, Carroll Baker, Lilli Palmer Russ Ward, after 30 years of producing Broadway plays, is ready to quit. His secretary, Ellie Brown, on being given notice, tells him she loves him. Russ proceeds to turn this into a hit play starring Ellie and romance her in a May-December affair. Sylvia (1965) - Starring Carroll Baker, George Maharis, Joanne Dru Sylvia West is a young poetess engaged to Frederic Summers, an eccentric millionaire. Summers, a man who always fears he is being loved for his money, decides to make a small check on his prospective bride. The results of this check completely shock him. Intrigued and bewildered, Summers hires detective Alan Maklin and has him make a thorough investigation as to 'Who Is Sylvia.' The Carpetbaggers (1965) - Starring George Peppard, Alan Ladd, Carroll Baker. Jonas Cord is a disagreeable young tycoon who is building planes, directing films and catting around on the corporate make in 1930s Hollywood. Harlow (1965) - Starring Carroll Baker, Red Buttons, Raf Vallone A screen adaption


Format: DVD
Rating: M
Release Date: 21 10 2020
Production Year: 2020
Run Time: 489
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Moderate Impact
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Actors: Caroll Baker

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