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Cabin Fever / Cabin Fever 2 - Spring Fever


CABIN FEVER: Fresh out of college, Jeff (Matthew Daddario), Karen (Gage Golightly), Paul (Samuel Davis), Marcy (Nadine Crocker) and Bert (Dustin Ingram) head up to a remote cabin in the woods for a weekend vacation. However, they are joined by an unwelcomed visitor with a flesh-eating virus. The friends decide to try and get rid of him and when he does eventually stumble away he falls into the local stream and contaminates the water. Forced to use the water, the friends soon find themselves contaminated and discover that each one of them will stop at nothing to survive... CABIN FEVER 2: Days after a killer virus consumed his friends, Paul emerges from a ditch by a river. Though his body has been ravaged by the virus, he is determined to survive and to warn others of the danger. However, a water bottling plant has already distributed contaminated water to the local high school. The schools students are excitedly preparing for the prom, unaware theyre about to have a grisly date with death.


Format: DVD
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Rating: R18+
Release Date: 07 12 2022
Production Year: 2022
Run Time: 180
Languages: English
Rating Advice: High Impact
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Ti West, Travis Zariwny

Actors: Gage Golightly, Rider Strong, Guiseppe Andrews, Matthew Daddario, Alexi Wasser, Nadine Crocker, Dustin Ingram, Noah Segan, Samuel Davis, Randy Schulman, Louise Linton, Jason Rouse, Eli Roth, Teresa Decher, George Griffith, Laura Kenny, Ted Pfeifer, Aaron Trainor

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