Glen Innes NSW,Bus Riley's Back in Town,Movie,Drama,Blu Ray

Bus Riley's Back in Town Imprint Collection #223

"Her wedding band was the only thing she didn't abandon!"

A brooding ex-serviceman (Michael Parks) comes home and spends time with an innocent girl (Janet Margolin) and a worldly woman (Ann-Margret). An entertaining, well-written and well-acted drama with a great cast. Ann-Margret sex-potting her way throughout, makes this a must-see movie. For Ann-Margret fans this Holy Grail is a forgotten gem.


Format: Blu Ray
Rating: PG
Release Date: 07 06 2023
Production Year: 1965
Run Time: 93
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Mild Themes| Mild Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Harvey Hart

Actors: Ann-Margret, Michael Parks, Janet Margolin, Brad Dexter, Jocelyn Brando, Larry Storch, Crahan Denton, Kim Darby, Brett Somers, Mimsy Farmer, Nan Martin, Lisabeth Hush, Ethel Griffies, Alice Pearce, Chet Stratton, David Carradine, Marc Cavell, Parley Baer, James Doohan, William Hudson, Maurice Manson

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