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Isolation is nothing new for Fenne Lily – in fact, she's written an album of songs all about it. 'It's kind of like writing a letter, and leaving it in a book that you know you'll get out when you're sad – like a message to yourself in the future,' she says, referring to Breach, her Dead Oceans debut she wrote during a period of self-enforced isolation pre-COVID. It's an expansive, diaristic, frequently sardonic record that deals with the mess and the catharsis of entering your 20s and finding peace while being alone. 'I think this record is proof that I can be emotionally stable, even if right now I feel a little bit up and down,' says Fenne. 'There's the ability to find clarity in that. It's sobering, weirdly.'


1~1~ To Be A Woman Pt. 1
1~2~ Alapathy
1~3~ Berlin
1~4~ Elliott
1~5~ I, Nietzsche
1~6~ Birthday
1~7~ Blood Moon
1~8~ Solipsism
1~9~ I Used To Hate My Body But Now I Just Hate You
1~10~ '98
1~11~ Someone Else's Trees
1~12~ Laundry And Jetlag


Format: CD
Artist: Fenne Lily
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Genre: Alternative
Label: Dead Oceans
Distributor: Inertia Music

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