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"Fatherhood can be murder."

From the producers of 'Us' and 'Get Out' an ultra-violent thriller in the vein of 'Dexter.' Evan (Seann William Scott) values family above all else, and anyone who gets between him, his wife, and newborn son learns that the hard way. But when it comes to violent tendencies, it seems the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.


Format: DVD
Rating: R18+
Release Date: 20 05 2020
Production Year: 2018
Run Time: 97
Languages: English
Rating Advice: High Impact Violence
Distributor: Eagle Entertainment
Directors: Henry Jacobson

Actors: Seann William Scott, Mariela Garriga, Dale Dickey, Christie Herring, Raymond Alexander Cham Jr., Nick Boraine, Kevin Carroll, Sean H. Scully, Matthew Bellows, Leith M. Burke, Hudson West, Dusty Sorg, Cassandra Ballard, Larsen Thompson, Hira Ambrosino

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