Glen Innes NSW,Black Site,Movie,Action/Adventure,DVD

"A group of officers based in a top-secret CIA black site must fight for their lives"

CIA Agent Abby Trent (Michelle Monaghan) manages an underground black site facility that imprisons dangerous and high-risk detainees. Days before Abbys reassignment to a new post, Special Ops bring in a high-value target at the top of every Most Wanted list codename: Hatchet (Jason Clarke). Hatchet is notorious for killing his enemies in a gruesome manner, and for Abby, his capture is personal.


Format: DVD
Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 30 11 2022
Production Year: 2021
Run Time: 93
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Strong Bloody Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Sophia Banks

Actors: Michelle Monaghan, Pallavi Sharda, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, Todd Lasance, Uli Latukefu, Phoenix Raei, Logan Huffman, Lucy Barrett, Lincoln Lewis, Fayssal Bazzi, Molly Belle Wright, Pacharo Mzembe, Joey Vieira, Jordan Murphy, Debora Tamay, Simon Elrahi, Jacob Turner, Leo Stripp, Roberto Zenca

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