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Black Moon

Just as Duster's landmark debut album Stratosphere was making its first orbit, Clay Parton, Dove Amber, and Jason Albertini tracked a largely improvised companion capsule under their Valium Aggelein alter ego. An ode to '70s Kosmische, Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond is a skeletal space nap for the prozac generation. Remixed and remastered from the original 16 track analog tapes, the 1998 album has been adjoined by 15 period-appropriate bonus tracks. A fuzzy masterpiece, hidden in plain sight, by the most important slowcore band of all time.


1~1~Here Comes The Black Moon 07:26
1~2~Liftoff In Stereo 06:02
1~3~Trial By Fire 01:56
1~4~The Clouds Will Drop Ladders 05:57
1~5~Triumph Of The Metal People 06:33
1~6~Frequency Converter 05:59
1~7~Birth To Death In Slow Motion 01:23
1~8~Dream Scientist 03:17
1~9~Bird Wings 02:29
1~10~Nudists 01:31
1~11~The Landing 02:43
1~12~Under The Mountain 03:45
1~13~Sonar 00:58
1~14~Mercury 02:43
1~15~The Valium MacHine 01:33
1~16~Spies 00:31
1~17~V 02:35
1~18~Inside The Static Cult 00:29
1~19~Then, In 2060 A.D. 02:30
1~20~Alum Rock 01:43
1~21~Interruptor 01:52
1~22~Slower 04:31
1~23~Excerpt From Mount Hamilton 00:44
1~24~ 24. 96 02:2
1~25~Spark Collector 02:24


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Valium Aggelein
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Genre: Alternative
Distributor: Rocket Group

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