Glen Innes NSW, Better Call Saul, TV, Drama, DVD

Better Call Saul Season 1-6 Complete Series

"Make the call"

Six years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White. We meet him when the man who will become Saul Goodman is known as Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer searching for his destiny, and, more immediately, hustling to make ends meet. Working alongside, and, often, against Jimmy, is 'fixer' Mike Ehrmantraut. The series tracks Jimmys transformation into Saul Goodman, the man who puts criminal' in 'criminal lawyer'.


Format: DVD
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 07 12 2022
Production Year: 2022
Distributor: 3004
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Drug Use| Strong Themes And Violence
Distributor: All Interactive Distribution

Actors: Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Giancarlo Esposito

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