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Bach: Goldberg Variations

“This isn’t just the most exceptional and creative work in the keyboard repertoire, it’s also the most multidimensional. […] It allows us to draw on everything we have within ourselves, but also makes us realise what’s missing and what we still have to learn.” Lang Lang Bach's monumental Goldberg Variations stand alone in the piano literature as a work of unique artistry and brilliance. Lang Lang first began exploring this masterpiece more than 20 years ago and presents this record as the outcome of a long personal and emotional journey. Marking a new stage in Lang Lang's artistic development, it is the project of a lifetime.


1~1~Aria Mit Verschiedenen Verænderungen (Variations Goldberg), Bwv 988
1~3~Variation 1
1~4~Variation 2
1~5~Variation 3. Canone All Unisuono
1~6~Variation 4
1~7~Variation 5
1~8~Variation 6. Canone Alla Seconda
1~9~Variation 7. Al Tempo Di Giga
1~10~Variation 8
1~11~Variation 9. Canone Alla Terza
1~12~Variation 10. Fugetta
1~13~Variation 11
1~14~Variation 12. Canone Alla Quarta
1~15~Variation 13
1~16~Variation 14
1~17~Variation 15. Canone Alla Quinta
1~18~Variation 16. Ouverture
1~19~Variation 17
1~20~Variation 18. Canone Alla Sexta
1~21~Variation 19
1~22~Variation 20
1~23~Variation 21. Canone Alla Settima
1~24~Variation 22. Alla Breve
1~25~Variation 23
1~26~Variation 24. Canone All Ottava
1~27~Variation 25. Adagio
1~28~Variation 26
1~29~Variation 27. Canone Alla Nona
1~30~Variation 28
1~31~Variation 29
1~32~Variation 30. Quodlibet
1~34~14 Canons Sur Les Huit Premiéres Notes De Basse De L'Aria Des Variations Goldberg, Bwv 1087
1~35~Canon Simplex
1~36~All' Rovescio
1~37~Beede Vorigen Canones Zugleich, Motu Recto E Contrario
1~38~Motu Contrario E Recto
1~39~Canon Duplex À 4
1~40~Canon Simplex Über Besagtes Fundament À 3
1~41~Idem À 3
1~42~Canon Simplex À 3, Il Soggetto In Alto
1~43~Canon In Unisono Post Semifusam À 3
1~44~Alio Modo, Per Syncopationes Et Per Ligaturas À 2
1~45~Canon Duplex Übers Fundament À 5
1~46~Canon Duplex Über Besagte Fundamental-Noten À 5
1~47~Canon Triplex À 6
1~48~Canon À 4 Per Augmentationem Et Diminutionem
1~49~Les Chansons Allemandes De La Variation 30 (Quodlibet)
1~50~Die Wasserrüben Und Der Kohl (Volkslied, Sopra La Bergamasca)
1~51~Ich Bin So Lang Nicht Bei Dir Gewest (Kehraus Improvisé, Avec La Complicité De Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber &Amp; Toinot Arbeau ...)


Format: CD
Artist: Lang Lang
Release Date: 04 September 2020
Genre: Classical Music
Distributor: Universal Music

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