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Another World


Philippe is an executive who oversees the regional factory of an industrial multinational. He has dedicated his life to the company, but it has come at a high personal cost and his partner Anne (Sandrine Kiberlain) are separating and his relationship with his trouble son Lucas is also collapsing. When the already frayed Philippe is tasked by management with a downsizing operation, he faces a major crisis of conscience.


Format: DVD
Rating: M
Release Date: 07 09 2022
Production Year: 2021
Run Time: 96
Languages: French
Rating Advice: Coarse Language
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Stéphane Brizé

Actors: Vincent Lindon, Sandrine Kiberlain, Anthony Bajon, Marie Drucker, Guillaume Draux, Olivier Lemaire, Christophe Rossignon, Sarah Laurent, Joyce Bibring, Olivier Beaudet, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Didier Bille, Valérie Lamond, Mehdi Bouzaïda, Myriam Larguèche, Daniel Masloff, Jerry Hickey, Alexandre Martin, Saïd Aïssaoui, Julie Goria, Alexandre Merino, Letizia Storti, Michel Benzi, Michel Freyne, Jérôme Soufflet, Jean Boronat, Cédric Personeni, Isabelle Rufin, Vanessa Milot, Maxime Cessieux

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