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Anatome Ep Vol.1

When Bandcamp announced that they will be holding a special fundraiser on June 19th that is specifically focused on racial justice, equality, and that they will donate their share of revenues that day to the NAACP Legal Defence Fund, we thought to put out a special sampler that contributes to that cause. All profits of the sales of Music for the NAACP will go exactly there. Due to the lack of time, it might seemed knocked together, but old and new friends, from near and far alike did their best, to set it up. So, special thanks to everyone involved: especially to Lopazz at Mixmastering, Heidelberg, Rand Muzik Leipzig and the SST cutting house in Frankfurt, who did their part to also make this available on a 2x12 compilation (same destination for its profits). Thank you for listening, helping and donating.




Format: Vinyl 12"
Artist: Dusty Kid
Release Date: 07 August 2020
Genre: Dance & Electronic
Label: SRD/Boxer Recordings
Distributor: MGM Music

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