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Mathimidori, better know by most as Mathias Kaden has been using this alias as a way to showcase his take on dub-leaning, minimalistic and refined Techno. Here though we see deliver his debut long player under the guise, and fittingly the LP will be released via esteemed Dub Techno imprint Echocord, home to releases from the likes of STL, Deepchord, Fluxion, XDB and Forest Drive West. Across the Akebono album Mathimidori delivers hazy, spaced out instrumentals like Maiia, Ork and Soso while tracks like Asaka and Shao offer a darker approach.



Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Mathimidori
Release Date: 23 October 2020
Genre: Dance & Electronic
Label: SRD/Echocord
Distributor: MGM Music

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