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Acadia: Way Of The Cairns (2Lp)

Cornelius reunites a 'TransAtlantic Collective' of like-minded musicians for a brand-new project of original compositions. Fourteen years ago, Cornelius and bassist (and Whirlwind label boss) Michael Janisch teamed up with Luxembourgish drummer Paul Wiltgen and virtuoso Estonian pianist Kristjan Randalu for a tour that turned into a band that turned into a recording project that delivered, in Cornelius' own words, some of the best musical experiences I've ever had.


1~1~Darkest Night
1~2~Valse Hésitante
1~3~Personal Beehives
1~4~On The Precipice
1~5~Ten Years Later


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Patrick Cornelius
Release Date: 30 October 2020
Genre: Jazz
Label: Proper/Whirlwind
Distributor: MGM Music

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