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A.1 Dub / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter Iv: Two Original Albums Plus Bonus Tracks

Released in the UK by Trojan Records in 1980 and ?81, respectively, the Morwell Unlimited?s ?A.1 Dub? and ?Cry Tuff Dub Chapter IV? by veteran DJ, Prince Far I & the Arabs are among the finest examples of how those at the cutting edge of the Jamaican record scene were able to successfully apply dub techniques to the powerful new sounds of dancehall.Surprisingly, despite the popularity of both of these widely revered long players, until this long overdue release, neither had previously been available on CD.And to make this long overdue collection even more compelling is a bonus disc comprising a further 19 dub classics, all taken from Trojan?s short-lived Attack 12? subsidiary label.With many of the recordings officially unavailable for decades, this 2CD set is an essential acquisition for any serious fan of deep and heavy dub sounds from the early dancehall era.


1~1~West Side Ranking
1~2~Waterpump Skank
1~3~Pressure Rock
1~4~Blackboard Jungle
1~5~Depth Charge
1~6~Down Town Rebel
1~7~Well Crucial
1~8~Survival Dub
1~9~Drunken Masters
1~10~Foundation Stepper
1~11~Deadly Command
1~12~Time Stone Turning
1~13~Sound Gesture
1~14~Earth Stone Shake Down
1~15~Lion Stone
1~16~Stone African Ground
1~17~Destruction Sound Battle
1~18~Jammin' For Survival - Jammy?S At The Controls
1~19~Just Like A Sea Version - David Isaacs
1~20~Bali Hi Special - The Sowell Radics
1~21~Born Free Dub - Jammy?S At The Controls
1~22~Won?T You Come On (Dub) - Witty?S All Stars
1~23~Scientist In Fine Style - The Roots Radics Band
1~24~Stand And Look Dub - Fat Man All Stars
1~25~Ball Of Fire - Bim Sherman
1~26~Beautiful People Dub - Witty?S All Stars
1~27~Aces Rock - The Sowell Radics
1~28~Fuss And Fight Dub - Eddie Fitzroy
1~29~Babylon Wrong Dub - Ashanti Waugh
1~30~Time Is Cold Dub - The Roots Radics


Format: CD
Artist: Morwell Unlimited & Prince Far I & The Arabs
Release Date: 11 September 2020
Genre: Special Interest / Miscellaneous
Distributor: Rocket Group

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