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A Discovery Of Witches Series 1-2

"A Secret Underworld of Vampires, Witches & Daemons"

All 18 episodes from the first two Series of the fantasy drama based on the Trilogy of books by Deborah Harkness which follows a vampire and a witch as they navigate the modern world. With populations of witches, vampires and demons having greatly diminished in the 21st century, vampire Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) must blend into his surroundings while witch Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) tries to leave her secret world behind as she carries out her life as a historian. When she stumbles across a bewitched book in an Oxford library, however, Diana is dragged back into witchcraft and must uncover the origins of the book.


Format: DVD
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 18 08 2021
Production Year: 2021
Run Time: 1080
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Strong Fantasy Themes And Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Actors: Edward Bluemel, Gregg Chillin, Matthew Goode, Teresa Palmer, Owen Teale, Malin Buska, Trevor Eve, Aiysha Hart, Chloé Dumas, Julian Kostov, Nila Aalia, Tomiwa Edun, Pino Maiello

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