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Happy Hour In Dub

On August 11, 2023, Merge Records will release Happy Hour in Dub, a heavenly set of dub versions to pair with Hollie Cook's critically acclaimed 2022 album Happy Hour. Her first full dub record since 2012, Happy Hour in Dub was coaxed into being by close listening of the original album's modern lover's rock.Cook and Mckone explain: 'The reason and inspiration for wanting to make the dub record is because Happy Hour, in its original form, has so many intricate musical details running throughout the songs-from the backing vocal and string arrangements to some far more subtle details. And during the mixing process, hearing some of these parts on their own over the drum and bass foundation, we felt there was so much left to explore and expose in the songs and take them to outer space.'At the controls rejoining Hollie in exploring the space is Happy Hour producer Ben Mckone, who takes her soulful creations and stretches them to their sonic limits, with new vocal features by Josh Skints and Kiko Bun.


1~1~Praying Dub
1~2~Dub My Way
1~3~Dub In The Dark
1~4~Golden Dub Feat. Rosie Turton
1~5~Unkind Dub
1~6~Kush Dub Feat. Josh Skints & Jah9
1~7~Full Moon Dub
1~8~Dubbing On Feat. Kiko Bun
1~9~Happy Dub


Format: CD
Artist: Cook, Hollie
Release Date: 11 August 2023
Genre: Special Interest / Miscellaneous
Label: Merge Records
Distributor: Rocket Group

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