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This Is How You Do It

This Is How You Do It is The Bamboos 11th studio album and shows that the nine piece Melbourne Funk & Soul trailblazers continue to evolve even after 23 years together as a band. The album contains some surprise turns, such as the Boogie / Disco tinged first single “Ex-Files” featuring the band’s longtime vocalist Kylie Auldist, and features guest MCs from the US (Ozay Moore and Ohmega Watts) and New Zealand (KINGS). Also guesting on two tracks is Melbourne vocalist Reginald AK, who just happens to be the Kylie’s son.


1~1~This Is How You Do It
1~3~Safe From Harm (Feat. Reginald Ak)
1~4~Everythings Gonna Be Okay (Feat. Kings)
1~5~The Main Event
1~6~Caicos Dawn
1~7~The Space Between
1~8~For The Record (Ohemga Watts & Ozay Moore)
1~10~Bored (Feat. Reginald Ak)
1~11~Midlife Glow (Feat. Ozay Moore)
1~12~Better Than That
2~1~This Is How You Do It
2~3~Safe From Harm (Feat. Reginald Ak)
2~4~Everythings Gonna Be Okay (Feat. Kings)
2~5~The Main Event
2~6~Caicos Dawn
2~7~The Space Between
2~8~For The Record (Ohemga Watts & Ozay Moore)
2~10~Bored (Feat. Reginald Ak)
2~11~Midlife Glow (Feat. Ozay Moore)
2~12~Better Than That


Format: CD
Artist: The Bamboos
Release Date: 03 November 2023
Genre: Soul
Label: BMG Rights Management
Distributor: Inertia Music

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