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I Am What I'm Waiting For | Transparent Blue W/ White Swirl

Kendra Morris, the Brooklyn-based Artist is back with her fifth LP, entitled I Am What I'm Waiting For, on Colemine/Karma Chief Records. Co-Written and Produced by Torbitt Schwartz (Run The Jewels, Killer Mike, Rubble Kings, Chin Chin), this collection is Kendra's most personal album to date.It was spring of 2022 and Kendra had just released Nine Lives, her first new album in almost a decade and her first release on Colemine Records. She felt an urgency to get back into the studio, but something felt different this time. Returning to her usual ways, places, and people that she had been creating with felt like dragging herself back to a familiar and comfortable place - but that wasn't what she was looking for.'I had to step into a new, unknown process because I knew it was the only way that I'd continue to grow,' she explained. She took a small batch of songs to Torbitt's studio and the two began to write. 'He challenged me to find the best version of every lyric,' she shared. 'When I listen back, I'm so proud of the time we spent, because every single line is deliberate. I challenged myself to write just to write. No love songs this time around. Torbitt and I wanted to create a record that felt like you cracked open the ooze in my head. There are a lot of layers to me but I only recently through age and experience have fully accepted the weird little nuances that I'm made of. I'm a messy introvert that pretends to be an extrovert so I can feel like I fit in.'From top to


1~1~When I Go To Space
1~3~What Are You Waiting For
1~5~The Door
1~6~All Your Jokes
1~8~Still Spinning
1~10~Birthday Song
1~11~One Last Joyride


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Morris, Kendra
Release Date: 25 August 2023
Genre: Soul
Distributor: Rocket Group

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