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Sanguivore | Standard Red Vinyl

For their third full studio album, ‘Sanguivore’, UK fivepiece Creeper made a blood pact to give full rein to those things that truly define them; to take a flaming torch to the more dimly lit recesses of frontman Will Gould’s ever-fertile mind. 40-plus minutes of music, combining the grandiose and the epic with the punk rock spirit that has been a cornerstone of the Creeper sound since their 2017 debut: a ripped leather jacket wrapped in a plush velvet cloak - a cloak lined in red satin, of course. Drawing inspiration from folklore and myth, the more shadowy side of popular culture, Creeper have staked out a space that is their own; a misty world of gothic imagery and dark romance, of crypts and castle ruins, the unrequited and the undead - a world where love comes at a price and beauty smiles with sharpened teeth. From opening statement ‘Further Than Forever’, a nine-minute, multi-layered tour-de-force sure to put a smile on the face of the late Jim Steinman, through to closer ‘Spook And Mercy’, a late-night tale of ‘little Mercy’ and her ravenous exploits, ‘Sanguivore’ is a hugely ambitious, loosely conceptual journey through the glorious and the graphic.


1~1~1. Further Than Forever
1~2~2. Cry To Heaven
1~3~3. Sacred Blasphemy
1~4~4. The Ballad Of Spook & Mercy
1~5~5. Lovers Led Astray
1~6~6. Teenage Sacrifice
1~7~7. Chapel Gates
1~8~8. The Abyss
1~9~9. Black Heaven
1~10~0. More Than Death


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Creeper
Release Date: 13 October 2023
Genre: Punk
Distributor: Inertia Music

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