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Architecture Of Language: 1979-1982

Ltd edition Bookback CD. ?Architecture Of Language 1979-1982? is a four disc CD bookback set with excerpts from the Pere Ubu scrapbook 75-82, written by David Thomas, including historical photos. It features the ground-breaking ?New Picnic Time? described by one critic as the 'scariest album ever recorded'. Plus ?The Art Of Walking? featuring Mayo Thomson of Red Crayola, ?Song Of The Bailing Man? and a further CD of glorious out-takes and oddities, ?Architectural Salvage?. This release features Ubu approved notes and memorabilia. Reinventing rock music from the ground up, Pere Ubu are equally at ease with Sun Ra and The Monkees, Glen Campbell and The MC5, Can and The Raspberries, they are the white Funkadelic. 'Inspired, invigorating, confounding, disturbing?' Rolling Stone // As vital as ever, no band before or since has ever sounded like Pere Ubu - period


1~1~The Fabulous Sequel (Have Shoes Will Walk)
1~2~Guitars And One Girl
1~3~A Small Dark Cloud
1~4~Small Was Fast
1~5~All The Dogs Are Barking
1~6~One Less Worry
1~7~Make Hay
1~9~Voice Of The Sand
1~10~Kingdom Come
2~2~Rhapsody In Pink
2~4~Misery Goats
2~5~Young Miles In The Basement
2~9~Lost In Art
2~11~Crush This Horn
3~1~The Long Walk Home
3~2~Use Of A Dog
3~4~Stormy Weather
3~5~West Side Story
3~6~Thoughts That Go By Steam
3~7~Big Ed's Used Farms
3~8~A Day Such As This
3~9~The Vulgar Boatman Bird
3~10~My Hat
3~11~Horns Are A Dilemma
4~1~Humor Me - Live
4~2~The Book Is On The Table
4~3~All The Dogs Are Barking (Alt Mix 4)
4~4~Arabian Nights
4~5~Tribute To Miles
4~6~Horses (Alt Mix 3)
4~7~Rounder (Alt Mix 1)
4~8~Not Happy
4~9~Lonesome Cowboy Dave


Format: CD
Artist: Pere Ubu
Release Date: 29 September 2023
Genre: Punk
Distributor: Rocket Group

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