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Chaos Magic

Welcome to Jaakko Eino Kalevi’s garden of earthly delights! Chaos Magic is the Finn’s wildest statement yet – a double-album of elemental pop and baroque electronics that plots a thrilling course through the Jaakko universe, drawing on cosmic jazz, dub reggae, neon synthpop, tender ballads and psych-rock nirvana, the whole thing laced with melody and mystery. Largely written and recorded by Jaakko in his new home of Athens, Chaos Magic features musical contributions from Alma Jodorowsky, Jimi Tenor, Faux Real, Yu-Ching Huang and John Moods, as well as artwork by Flaminia Veronesi and illustrations by Vilunki 3000


1~1~Chaos Magic
1~2~Drifting Away
1~3~Dino’S Deo
1~4~Hell & Heaven (Feat. Faux Real)
1~5~Night Walk
1~6~Palace In My Head (Feat. Alma Jodorowsky)
1~7~I Forget
1~8~The Chamber Of Love
1~9~Cyborg (Feat. John Moods)
1~10~L’Horizon (Feat. Alma Jodorowsky)
1~11~Galactic Romance (Feat. Yu-Ching Huang)
1~12~Trouble Man
1~13~Let’S See How Things Go
2~1~Chaos Magic
2~2~Drifting Away
2~3~Dino’S Deo
2~4~Hell & Heaven (Feat. Faux Real)
2~5~Night Walk
2~6~Palace In My Head (Feat. Alma Jodorowsky)
2~7~I Forget
2~8~The Chamber Of Love
2~9~Cyborg (Feat. John Moods)
2~10~L’Horizon (Feat. Alma Jodorowsky)
2~11~Galactic Romance (Feat. Yu-Ching Huang)
2~12~Trouble Man
2~13~Let’S See How Things Go


Format: Vinyl 12"
Artist: Jaakko Eino Kalev
Release Date: 17 November 2023
Genre: Alternative
Distributor: Universal Music

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