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What Is There

Astrology tells us a “Saturn Return” happens when the planet Saturn revolves back to the same position it held upon our birth. It typically takes almost thirty years. However, in the case of Delta Spirit, it took a little less than fifteen. The enduring California rock quintet - Matthew Logan Vasquez [vocals], Kelly Winrich [multiinstrumentalist, vocals], Will McLaren [guitar], Jon Jameson [bass], and Brandon Young [drums] - realign on their fifth full-length and first album since 2014, What Is There. As much as it reflects their journey thus far, it also ushers them into new territory as both musicians and, most importantly, friends. In the end, Delta Spirit not only return, but move forward together on What Is There.


1~1~Backfence Picket Blues
1~2~Fool Man Blues
1~3~Long And Tall
1~4~Sally Dog
1~5~Cold Winter Blues
1~6~Sister Jane Cross The Hall
1~7~Wild Water Blues
1~8~Laugh And Grin Blues
1~9~Mean Old Twister
1~10~Red Beans And Rice
1~11~My Heart Is Crying
1~12~I Wish You Would
1~13~I Ain't Got You
1~14~Here's My Picture
1~15~You Got Me Wrong
1~16~Prisoner's Plea
1~17~Every Day, Every Night
1~18~No, No, No, No, No
1~20~I Was Fooled
1~21~Louie, Louie
1~22~Sweet Sugar You
1~23~You Look So Good
1~24~Mess Around
1~25~No Room
1~26~I Want To Be My Girl
1~27~I'm Your Fool
1~28~Walk Right In
1~29~Give It Up
1~30~Have Love, Will Travel
1~31~Yo Yo Blues
1~32~California Blues
1~33~Motherless Chiles Blues
1~34~She's Coming Back Some Cold Rainy Day
1~35~Barbecue Blues
1~36~Ease It To Me Blues
1~37~Chocolate To The Bone
1~38~Good Time Rounder
1~39~Atlanta Moan
1~41~It's My Life, Baby
1~42~Honey Bee
1~43~Lost Lover Blues
1~44~Time Out
1~45~Million Miles From Nowhere
1~46~You've Got Bad Intentions
1~47~I Don't Believe
1~48~You Did Me Wrong
1~49~Last Night
1~50~Wise Man's Blues
1~51~Driftin' Blues
1~52~Trouble Blues
1~53~In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down
1~54~Get Yourself Another Fool
1~55~Black Night
1~56~Hard Times
1~57~Cryin' Mercy
1~58~Evening Shadows
1~59~Fool's Paradise
1~60~Merry Christmas, Baby
1~61~Midnight Hour
1~62~Ain't That Dandy
1~63~Dirty Work At The Crossroads
1~64~Hurry Back Good News
1~65~Okie Dokie Stomp
1~66~Sad Hour
1~67~Gate's Salty Blues
1~68~Just Before Dawn
1~69~Depression Blues
1~70~For Now So Long
1~71~Trombone Man Blues
1~72~Here's A Little Girl
1~73~A Little Bird Told Me
1~74~What Did You Do To Me?
1~75~Leave My Man Alone
1~76~Now You're Down In The Alley
1~77~When The Wagon Comes
1~78~Loan Me Your Husband
1~79~Bow Legged Daddy
1~80~Love That Man
1~81~Mississippi River Blues
1~82~Long Tall Mama
1~83~Worrying You Off My Mind (Part 1)
1~84~Rising Sun Shine On
1~85~Come Home Early
1~86~Good Jelly
1~87~Bull Cow Blues
1~88~I Ca


Format: CD
Artist: Delta Spirit
Release Date: 25 September 2020
Genre: Alternative
Label: New West Records
Distributor: Inertia Music

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