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What Is There

Astrology tells us a “Saturn Return” happens when the planet Saturn revolves back to the same position it held upon our birth. It typically takes almost thirty years. However, in the case of Delta Spirit, it took a little less than fifteen. The enduring California rock quintet - Matthew Logan Vasquez [vocals], Kelly Winrich [multiinstrumentalist, vocals], Will McLaren [guitar], Jon Jameson [bass], and Brandon Young [drums] - realign on their fifth full-length and first album since 2014, What Is There. As much as it reflects their journey thus far, it also ushers them into new territory as both musicians and, most importantly, friends. In the end, Delta Spirit not only return, but move forward together on What Is There.


1~1~Sign Of Judgement
1~2~Dry Bone Shuffle
1~3~My Man Rocks Me
1~4~Sweet Georgia Brown
1~5~St. Louis Blues
1~6~Pistol Blues
1~7~Old Joe Clark
1~8~Coffee Pot Blues
1~9~Old Steady Roll
1~10~Wait 'till I Put On My Robe
1~11~Messin' Around
1~12~Madison Street Rag
1~13~Mama's Can't Lose
1~14~Barnum's Steam Calliope
1~15~Skoodlum Blues
1~16~Jelly Roll's First Cousin
1~17~Come On Home
1~18~Drunk Man's Blues
1~19~Rainy Nights
1~20~How Long Daddy, How Long
1~21~Mr. Jelly Lord
1~22~Anna Mina Forty And St. Louis Shorty
1~23~Coffin Blues
1~24~Pump Tillie
1~25~You Shall
1~26~Well Of Salvation
1~27~Goose Grease
1~28~Brown Baby
1~29~Dying Blues
1~30~Charleston Mad
1~31~Certainly Lord
1~32~216 Blues
1~33~Chicago Buzz
1~34~Mamlish Blues
1~35~I'm Glad I'm Married
1~36~Steady Roll
1~37~Nelson Blues
1~38~Track Linin'
1~39~Bessemer Bound Blues
1~40~Everybody Help The Blues Come Home
1~41~Crazy Quilt
1~42~Shaggy Dog Blues
1~43~My Man Rocks Me With One Steady Roll
1~44~Jazzbo Jenkins
1~45~Sleep Baby Sleep
1~46~Salty Dog
1~47~Memory Of Departed Friends
1~48~House Rent Stomp
1~49~West Indies Blues
1~50~Nobody Knows
1~51~Steppin' On The Blues
1~52~Walk Right In Belmont
1~53~When I Was A Moaner
1~54~Steady Roll
1~55~Satan At Church
1~56~Pacific Coast Blues
1~57~Look Out Papa Don't Tear Your Pants
1~58~Baby Can't You Understand
1~59~Seek And Ye Shall Find
1~60~Will My Mother Know Me There
1~61~Hot Hot Hottentot
1~62~Ain't It A Shame
1~63~The Wicked Fives' Blues
1~64~Armour Ave. Struggle
1~65~Houston Bound
1~66~Coo Coo Stomp
1~67~You Can't Keep No Brown
1~68~Stomp Time Blues
1~69~I've Got A Hiding Place
1~70~Cacklin' Hen
1~71~Fade Away Blues
1~72~Mama's Angel Child
1~73~Black Man Blues
1~74~Hen House Blues
1~75~Mojo Strut
1~76~Sympathetic Christ
1~77~That Da Da Strain
1~78~Wartime Blues
1~79~There'll Come A Day
1~80~Oh Calvary
1~81~St. Louis Blues
1~82~On This Rock I Will Build My Church
1~83~Don't Pan Me
1~84~Play That Thing
1~85~I Want Jesus To Talk With Me
1~86~Peepin' Blues


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Delta Spirit
Release Date: 25 September 2020
Genre: Alternative
Label: New West Records
Distributor: Inertia Music

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