Glen Innes NSW,War Of The Worlds - Attack, The,Movie,Horror/Sci-Fi,DVD

War Of The Worlds - The Attack

"Intelligence far greater than us"

When three young astronomers track a meteorite that strikes the Earth, they soon find themselves at the epicentre of an alien invasion. Assisted by a soldier, they make their way to London, where they must discover a means to save humanity from a foe that has been watching us and waiting for the right time to strike.


Format: DVD
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller
Rating: M
Release Date: 21 06 2023
Production Year: 2023
Run Time: 87
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Science Fiction Themes And Violence
Distributor: Defiant Screen Entertainment
Directors: Junaid Syed

Actors: Sam Gittins, Vincent Regan, Lara Lemon, Alhaji Fofana, Leo Staar, Kathi DeCouto, Stefan Boehm, Rosie Steel, Kris Saddler, Fredi 'Kruga' Nwaka, Darren Tassell, Jim Page, Chris Bouchard, Natalie Arikan, Frances Mather, Atefeh Abdollahi, Rosie Aley, Isebella Awang, Aston Brain, Joanna Bristow-Watkins, Nick Broomfield, Hector Buesst, Sophie Bullock, Jonathan Cann, Julian Clapton, Lewis Clift, Daniel Cooper, Jack Cronin, Amy Megan Day, Matt Detheridge, Pauline Diemil, Laura-Louise Diggins, Linda Dootson, Sam Downey, Kyles Finn, Henry Gallagher, Jenny Gregory, Lynda Griffiths, Malcolm Hardiman, Lee Nicholas Harris, Ihor Hospondarysko, Miguel Jagu, Jackie Jillings, Muhammad Isfandyar Khan, Anna Koloch-Caparrosa, Alvin Kuti, Oliver Kyte, David Landau, Quentin Lee, Lucy Lewendon, Gary Lindsay-Moore, Keith Loynes, Anne Margareta Mansen, Martyn Mayger, Emily Melia, Hari Patel, Dan Prendergast, Katie Robinson, Andreina Sambucetti, Graham Scally, Mark Scott, Tony Shubrook, Abraham Sunkary, Ann-Marie Talbot, Paul Talman, Matthew Taylor, Audric Tchouani, Peter Tingle, Daniel Ursaru, Denise Watson, Sonnia Wheatley, Sarah Whybrow, Lisa Wilkinson, Catherine Wisdom, Fred Wisom

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