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True Colours | 40th Anniversary Edition

True Colours, the most commercially successful album of New Zealand group Split Enz's career, will be reissued in numerous formats to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2020. Working with freshly digitised audio taken from the original album tapes, Split Enz's Eddie Rayner has produced a stunning new mix of True Colours for the acclaimed album's 40th birthday. Rather than just another remaster from the existing final tracks Rayner took all the original recordings from each song of the record to mix them together from the ground up in these state of art remixes. Fans worrying about any meddling with the cult classic album needn't worry, with the sound they know and love being respectfully restored over an arduous process. 'I certainly didn't undertake the remix lightly. This was our 'iconic' album - it's always had a unique sound - and to depart from that too much, or to do radically new mixes, would surely incur the wrath of fans and band members alike. So I approached the project with caution and some trepidation, with the maxim 'the same, but better'. So, after convincing Warners it was a good idea, I did the remix, and then told the band. Thus far, I'm uninjured.' • 'True Colours was one album in the midst of a body of work. There were albums before it that contained a few gems. And ones that came after. But I think we all feel that it's a cohesive and uniformly strong record. From the desperation and soul searching that preceded it (as well as a huge amount of laughter) ca


1~1~I Got You
1~2~Shark Attack
1~3~What's The Matter With You?
1~4~Double Happy
1~5~I Wouldn't Dream Of It
1~6~I Hope I Never
1~7~Nobody Takes Me Seriously
1~8~Missing Person
1~9~Poor Boy
1~10~How Can I Resist Her?
1~11~The Choral Sea


Format: CD
Artist: Split Enz
Release Date: 31 July 2020
Genre: Pop
Distributor: Inertia Music

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