Glen Innes NSW, Northman, The, Movie, Action/Adventure, Blu Ray

The Northman Blu-ray + UHD

"Conquer your fate."

Set in Iceland at the turn of the 10th century, a Nordic prince sets out on a mission of revenge after his father is murdered. From visionary director Robert Eggers comes The Northman, an action-filled epic that follows a young Viking prince on his quest to avenge his father's murder.


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Adventure
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 22 06 2022
Production Year: 2022
Distributor: 137
Languages: English, German
Rating Advice: Blood And Gore| Strong Themes And Violence
Distributor: All Interactive Distribution
Directors: Robert Eggers

Actors: Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang, Ethan Hawke, Anya Taylor-Joy, Gustav Lindh, Elliott Rose, Willem Dafoe, Phill Martin, Eldar Skar, Olwen Fouéré, Edgar Abram, Jack Gassmann, Ingvar Sigurdsson, Oscar Novak, Jack Walsh, Bjrk, Ian Whyte, Katie Pattinson, Andrea O'Neill, Rebecca Ineson, Kate Dickie, Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney, Kevin Horsham, Seamus O'Hara, Scott Sinclair, Tadhg Murphy, James Yates, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, Ian Gerard Whyte, Ralph Ineson, Murray McArthur, Nille Glæsel, Jonas Lorentzen, Magne Osnes, Ineta Sliuzaite, Finn Lafferty, Jon Campling, Helen Roche, Faoileann Cunningham, Gareth Parker, Mark Fitzgerald, Gavin Peden, Joel Hicks, Chris Finlayson, Eric Higgins, Matt Symonds, Luca Evans, James Harper-Jones, Thomas Harper-Jones, Sheila Flitton, Lily Bird, Michael McGeown, Peter Vamos

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