Glen Innes NSW,Lost Lion Kingdom, The,Movie,Children & Family,DVD


The Lost Lion Kingdom of planet Malturnia is in danger! Afas, King of the Lions sends his firstborn cub Samar and his childhood confidante and trusted sidekick, Tusha into space to save the kingdom. As the duo heads into the great beyond they are confronted by an evil tigress INALA and her mischievous sidekick cockatoo Bindi who posses an ancient power capable of destroying the entire Lion kingdom. Only Samar and Tusha can stop Inala and save their home.


Format: DVD
Genre: Animated, Animation, Childrens
Rating: G
Release Date: 03 03 2021
Production Year: 2019
Run Time: 74
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Coarse Language| Very Mild Themes
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: Jason Wright

Actors: Kelsey Painter, KJ Schrock, Sarah Taylor, Simon Hill

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