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The Journey - Pt. 2

Experience the timeless allure of The Kinks with 'The Journey - Part 2' Best Of. A thrilling odyssey through the band's iconic hits, including the electrifying 'Till The End of The Day,' the exuberant 'David Watts,' the sun-soaked vibes of 'Sunny Afternoon,' and the rebellious anthem '20th Century Man' plus many, many more.


1~1~Till The End Of The Day (1965)
1~2~Preservation (1974)
1~3~David Watts (1967)
1~4~This Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take, 2020 Mix) (1970)
1~5~A Well Respected Man (1965)
1~6~Monica (1968)
1~7~Scrapheap City (1974)
1~8~Lola (1970)
1~9~Sunny Afternoon (1966)
1~10~Animal Farm (1968)
1~11~Creeping Jean (1969)*
1~12~Two Sisters (1967)
1~13~See My Friends (1965)
1~14~Money Talks (2023 Mix) (1974)
1~15~Rainy Day In June (1966)
1~16~Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (1966)
1~17~Where Are They Now? (2023 Mix) (1974)
1~18~Wicked Annabella (1968)
1~19~Susannah's Still Alive (1967)*
1~20~20Th Century Man (1971)
1~21~Sitting By The Riverside (1968)
1~22~New Victoria Suite - Everybody's A Star (Starmaker) (Live, 2023 Mix) (1975)**
1~23~New Victoria Suite - Slum Kids (Live, 2023 Mix) (1975)**
1~24~New Victoria Suite - (A) Face In The Crowd (Live, 2023 Mix) (1975)**
1~25~Holiday Romance (1975)
1~26~Big Sky (1968)
1~27~God's Children (1971)


Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Kinks
Release Date: 17 November 2023
Genre: Rock
Label: BMG Rights Management
Distributor: Inertia Music

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