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The Haunting of Julia Imprint Collection #218

"She had no one to play with for thirty years..."

Magnus (Keir Dullea) and Julia Lofting (Mia Farrow) have a happy marriage until one morning when their daughter Kate (Sophie Ward) begins choking. Unsure what to do, Julia attempts a tracheotomy, inadvertently causing Kate's death. Julia heads to a sanitarium to recover, and when Magnus asks that she come home, she prefers to buy a new house in London and live alone there. Magnus frets over Julia's sanity, while Julia becomes convinced that her house is haunted by the spirit of a little girl. Limited 4 Disc Hardbox edition with unique artwork on the first 1000 copies.


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Horror
Rating: M
Release Date: 26 04 2023
Production Year: 1977
Run Time: 0
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Moderate Coarse Language| Moderate Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Richard Loncraine

Actors: Mia Farrow, Keir Dullea, Tom Conti, Jill Bennett, Robin Gammell, Cathleen Nesbitt, Anna Wing, Edward Hardwicke, Mary Morris, Pauline Jameson, Peter Sallis, Arthur Howard, Damaris Hayman, Susan Porrett, Sophie Ward, Hilda Fenemore, Yvonne Edgell, Nigel Havers, Denis Lill, Ann Mitchell, Michael Bilton, John A. Tinn, Robert Farrant, Elizabeth Weaver, Susan Hibbert, Julian Fellowes, Oliver Maguire, Samantha Gates, Keith Macey

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