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Take Her Up To Monto

Roisin Murphy’s ‘Take Her Up To Monto’ stands out as an adventurous exploration, showcasing Murphy’s ability to both expand her sonic palette and maintain her distinctive style. In this album, Murphy presents ‘Mastermind’, a disco epic that mirrors the expansive, shapeshifting quality of ‘Toys’ and echoes the grandeur found in her 2012 marathon single, ‘Simulation’. Despite the brevity of ‘Whatever’, it retains the intimate allure that distinguished her previous work. Unlike the seamless journey of ‘Hairless Toys’, ‘Take Her Up To Monto’ offers a wilder ride. Murphy surprises listeners by steering them in diverse directions with little warning. The track ‘Thoughts Wasted’ encapsulates this diversity, seamlessly transitioning from sleek to lush to lamenting. Throughout, Murphy pushes her signature sounds to extremes, delivering an engaging and unpredictable experience.


1~2~Pretty Gardens
1~3~Thoughts Wasted
1~4~Lip Service
1~5~Ten Miles High
1~7~Romantic Comedy
1~8~Nervous Sleep
1~9~Sitting And Counting


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Risn Murphy
Release Date: 16 February 2024
Genre: Alternative
Label: [PIAS] Recordings Catalogue
Distributor: Inertia Music

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