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From the animators of Minions, Despicable Me, and The Secret Life Of Pets comes the story of an unlikely team of secret agents a smooth talking cat, Vladimir, and eccentric rookie agent rat, Hector as they are thrown together to protect the world from an uncertain fate. Vladimir is sent on assignment to a remote offshore platform, guarding a top-secret material with only rookie agent, Hector the Rat, for company. When several mysterious figures break in the pair are forced to work together, embarking on a thrilling undercover mission to redeem themselves as Spies, and save the world from the brink of extinction.


Format: DVD
Genre: Animated, Animation, Comedy, Family
Rating: PG
Release Date: 01 07 2020
Production Year: 2019
Run Time: 95
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Animated Violence| Mild Themes And Coarse Language
Distributor: Eagle Entertainment
Directors: Guillaume Ivernel, Zhiyi Zhang

Actors: Karen Strassman, Monsieur Poulpe, Davy Mourier

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