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The true life story of piano virtuoso David Helfgott (Geoffrey Rush in an Academy Award winning performance), SHINE captures a most remarkable journey in flashback, a personal tale of creative passion and musical achievement, celebrating the ineluctable power of human endearment. Pushed headfirst into the world of music by domineering father Peter (Academy Award nominee Armin Mueller-Stahl), piano prodigy David (portrayed by Noah Taylor, The Year My Voice Broke) is mentored by local teacher Ben Rosen (Nicholas Bell, The Games) to win the state musical championship. Invited to study with prominent musicians in America, Davids opportunities are stifled by his father, but supported by new-found friend and novelist Katharine Susannah Prichard (Googie Withers). Offered a scholarship to the prestigious Royal College of Music, David faces one of the toughest piano recitals of his life in Rachmaninoffs demanding Piano Concerto Number 3, a complex piece of music destined to not only challenge him to the edge of sanity but change his life forever. Also featuring Academy Award winner John Gielgud, Lynne Redgrave, Chris Haywood and directed by Scott Hicks, SHINE is compassionate, deft, unsentimental and inspirational. AFI - Picture, Director (Hicks), Actor (Rush) and Supporting Actor (Mueller-Stahl). OSCAR - Actor (Rush). BAFTA - Actor (Rush).


Format: DVD
Genre: Australian, Award - AFI - Actor, Award - AFI - Director, Award - AFI - Film, Award - AFI - Sup Actor, Award - BAFTA - Actor, Award - OSCAR - Actor, True Story
Rating: PG
Release Date: 06 01 2021
Production Year: 1996
Run Time: 101
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Adult Themes| Medium Level Violence
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: Scott Hicks

Actors: Geoffrey Rush, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Noah Taylor, Lynn Redgrave, Googie Withers, Sonia Todd, John Gielgud, Chris Haywood

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