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Vitamin were an early 80's band from Boston led by Jason Shapiro (Redd Kross, Celebrity Skin). Influenced by the no-wave and post punk music of the era yet sounding unlike anything. Recorded 2 unreleased records. Produced by Roger Miller and Michael Whittaker.


1~1~A1 - Pta W Cscott - Plaza
1~2~A2 - Pta - Devotion
1~3~A3 - Pta W Nice Rec - Downstroke
1~4~B2 - Pta W Samurai Velvet - If I Only Knew
1~5~B1 - Pta W Santiago Salazar And Stuart Bogie - The Meetup


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Pittsburgh Track Authority
Release Date: 21 August 2020
Genre: Unclassified
Label: SRD/Pittsburgh Tracks
Distributor: MGM Music

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