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Man In The Saddle

"I've Been Pushed as Far As I'm Gonna Go...NOW I'M COMING BACK!"

One of the great Westerns of the '50s, MAN IN THE SADDLE has Randolph Scott doing what he does best: Ridin', shootin', seeing justice done and gettin' into fist fights. He is a small-time rancher who loses his girl to a big-time rancher. She sees the error of her ways only too late.


Format: DVD
Genre: Romance
Rating: M
Release Date: 02 09 2020
Production Year: 1951
Run Time: 87
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Low Level Violence
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: André De Toth

Actors: Randolph Scott, Joan Leslie, Ellen Drew, Alexander Knox, Richard Rober, John Russell, Alfonso Bedoya, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Clem Bevans, Cameron Mitchell, Richard Crane, Frank Sully

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