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Laurel Canyon

"Everything they touched turned to music"

Laurel Canyon, a feature-length documentary that pulls back the curtain on the mythical world of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, providing an up-close look at the lives of the musicians who inhabited it. Through a wealth of rare and newly unearthed footage and audio recordings, the documentary will feature an intimate portrait of the artists who created a music revolution that would change popular culture. Directed by Alison Ellwood (History of the Eagles) Celebrating the music of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, The Mamas And The Papas, Carole King, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, James Taylor, The Doors, Frank Zappa and more, the film will be uniquely immersive and experiential, taking us back in time to a place where a rustic canyon in the heart of Los Angeles became a musical petri dish. Said director Alison Ellwood, Though a little too young to have experienced the Laurel Canyon music scene first hand, the songs created in that magical place made it onto the radio and travelled over 6000 miles to where I was growing up in the UK. The music is the soundtrack of my youth; each song evokes memories becoming timeless in my consciousness. I am thrilled to be a part of this talented team assembled to tell this incredible story. Having personally lived through this musical period of time, Im incredibly excited to be involved in telling this story, especially given the amazing team weve assembled to make what we intend to be the definitive document


Format: DVD
Genre: Documentary
Rating: M
Release Date: 07 10 2020
Production Year: 2020
Run Time: 161
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Drug Use And Coarse Language
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Actors: Henry Diltz, Nurit Wilde

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