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'Making this record was a joy,' says Steven Adams of his latest album with his band the French Drops. He even let the positive mood around the making of it influence its title. 'I love making records but sometimes time, money, or people - including me - fuck up my enjoyment of the process. So this time I kept saying to myself 'keep it light' whenever I was making decisions.' The buoyant and relaxed mood can be heard across the album in its gloriously skipping tones, as it traverses across indie, pop, alt-rock and more tender acoustic and folk-leaning moments. It's a craft that Adams has been honing for years as the lead figure in outfits such as The Broken Family Band and Singing Adams, so much so that by now it oozes out of him with a seamless grace. Adams' aim was clear with this record. 'I wanted to make a super personal, light-hearted and upbeat record,' he says. 'I wanted to do the whole write about what you know thing and keep it as light as possible.' The lightness of the album was a guiding principle but it wasn't a rule set in stone, as Adams soon found out the deeper he plunged into himself. 'We had a running joke about how we were making an album called Keep it Light that is full of songs about racists and panic attacks and existential angst,' he says. 'But it does you good to get that stuff out. Writing songs and making records keeps me sane.' The album is one as full of joy and beauty as it is ink black humour and caustic revelation. On the gorgeous shuffle of 'O


1~1~Soft Landings
1~2~Bring On The Naps
1~4~Gracechurch St
1~5~Oh Dear
1~6~Going To Everglades
1~7~Note To Self
1~8~My Brother, The Racist
1~10~Mr Sunshine


Format: CD
Artist: Adams, Steve & The French
Release Date: 28 August 2020
Genre: Alternative
Distributor: Rocket Group

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